Oops! I Made a Machine Gun [2.0]: Removing the Barrier to Entry in Firearms Manufacturing

For the kind souls who made it all the way up to the 26th floor to see my Skytalk at DC24, I thank you.

And I apologize.

A mere 12hrs before my talk was to be presented, a particular series of events, and the subsequent revelations there after, made it quite apparent that my slide deck was unusable for the upcoming presentation.

I showcased what little material I had salvaged, but I failed to account for just how effective the slides were at keeping the pace up and  minimizing digressions.

So I invite any interested individuals to join me at DenHac (date still TBD) for a presentation and recording of the ‘real’ version of “Oops! I Made a Machine Gun”

More history, more visuals, more design specifics.

We are going to cover everything from 10USD ‘gas pipe shotguns’, to fullly-automatic submachine gun designs created specifically for clandestine manufacture, to non-metallic firearms being designed for and produced by construction techniques never previously used with weapons.

We are going to look at just what one would look for in a homebrew design, how these designs have changed in response to the efforts of an extremely small number of actors in this space, and how a constellation of modern materials and technologies have conspired with one another to open this activity to even the most restricted populations.

If you get anxious thinking about unauthorized persons possessing (or producing) firearms…then you may just want to skip this one 😉


@the_real_gbm                  GBM303@gmail.com


Nootropics: Better Living Through Chemistry — DEF CON 24

Here is a copy of the video for all the folks who missed my talk at the DEF CON BioHacking Village this year.

Scheduling difficulties and sudden time allowance changes conspired to cut this talk in half, but what remains, is still (somewhat) usable 😛


Please direct any questions you may have to GBM303@gmail.com. I am a big fan of this stuff and I would love to hear about the experiences of the community at-large.