DC26 Badge Challenge

I have decided to open up the badge contest to anyone and everyone. We have worked hard on these and would REALLY like to show them off.

First to do the dirty wins one of our VERY limited edition Defcon 26 “1983” badges. Note: You *MUST* pick up the badge in person at DC26 (or live without the badge battery).

Good luck 😉

3‡‡† 8:8 5 .‡8 15* 84 ]800 ;45; 6) *‡; 8*‡?34 ;‡†5: 54‡: 54‡:

“5′ 3 ‘2 8’ 3 ‘2 ‘6 3 7′ 7’ ‘2 ‘4 3” | “9′ 6’ 8 ‘8 8 2 3″ | ” ‘7 5′ 8 7′ 7’ ‘8 ‘9 6’ “

“58 2f 48 69 46 46 5c 56 66 38 69 0f 0c”


Please send solutions to TehGBM@(G)mail.(com)


Hint 1: http://forum.top-hat-sec.com/index.php?topic=5789.msg46486#msg46486

Hint 2: http://forum.top-hat-sec.com/index.php?topic=5789.msg46502#msg46502



DEF CON BioHacking VIllage Videos Posted

My talk this year at DC25 went off without a hitch.

The polish on the BioHacking Village is certainly starting to shine. Thank you once again Nina and the rest of the crew at the DCBHV.

Anyone with questions, corrections, or just similar interests, please feel free to contact me. I am sure my family would appreciate the break 😉 GBM303@Gmail.com

Just wait until you see what I have brewing for next year… 😉

Updates: More fun at the DEF CON 25 Biohacking Village

Its that time of year again!

The generous folks at DEF CON have given me yet another chance to embarrass myself and limit my future employment opportunities 😉 .

This year in the Biohacking Village the topic is:

Neurogenic Peptides: Smart Drugs 4-Minute Mile

Everything is impossible until it isn’t.

Every undertaking, defined by the hard limitations at the edges of our possible achievement.

Lossless electrical conductivity, human travel beyond the sound ‘barrier’, running a four-minute mile…each, seen as some unassailable foe until, one-by-one, these milestones were not just approached and then attained, but very often surpassed. With time, these limits transition from the superlative, to the standard, and what once was thought of as impossible, now becomes the benchmark of superior performance.

The world of cognition enhancing drugs is no different.

For nearly as long as such structures have been differentiated, the cells of the brain and nervous system have been acknowledged to behave very differently than most of the others in the body.

Unlike the perpetual turn over that the rest of the body enjoys, there are only a few restricted areas in the brain and CNS of adult humans where new nerve cells are being regularly created. What you are born with, is what you have to work with.

Or is it?

Reliably producing productive structural, as opposed to solely chemical changes to the brain has long been seen as the ‘Holy Grail’ of Nootropics research..I am here today to discuss why the term “Four-minute mile” may be a bit more appropriate.

From the explosions of growth created in early childhood and in some illnesses, to the seemingly paradoxical benefits seen with the removal of malfunctioning structures, we are going to examine the sometimes baffling relationship between cognition and the physical structure of the brain, and how maybe, just maybe, there might be something you can do about it.

–About Gingerbread:

Long-time Security malcontent Gingerbread, having been eliminated early on in this years “Pop-and-Lock Potluck”, (the nations *premier* overweight break dancing competition) has returned to DEF CON with even more of his half-baked theories, bro-science, and questionable supply chain advice for your enjoyment. Early adopter of the “Not for human consumption” defense, Gingerbread has spent years conducting extensive research in the areas of cognition enhancing drugs and lifestyle regimens and in the process has become a walking encyclopedia of things NOT to do.

I look forward to seeing you all out there!

Just remember…I’m from high altitude…try and pace yourself 😉



Oops! I Made a Machine Gun [2.0]: Removing the Barrier to Entry in Firearms Manufacturing

For the kind souls who made it all the way up to the 26th floor to see my Skytalk at DC24, I thank you.

And I apologize.

A mere 12hrs before my talk was to be presented, a particular series of events, and the subsequent revelations there after, made it quite apparent that my slide deck was unusable for the upcoming presentation.

I showcased what little material I had salvaged, but I failed to account for just how effective the slides were at keeping the pace up and  minimizing digressions.

So I invite any interested individuals to join me at DenHac (date still TBD) for a presentation and recording of the ‘real’ version of “Oops! I Made a Machine Gun”

More history, more visuals, more design specifics.

We are going to cover everything from 10USD ‘gas pipe shotguns’, to fullly-automatic submachine gun designs created specifically for clandestine manufacture, to non-metallic firearms being designed for and produced by construction techniques never previously used with weapons.

We are going to look at just what one would look for in a homebrew design, how these designs have changed in response to the efforts of an extremely small number of actors in this space, and how a constellation of modern materials and technologies have conspired with one another to open this activity to even the most restricted populations.

If you get anxious thinking about unauthorized persons possessing (or producing) firearms…then you may just want to skip this one 😉


@the_real_gbm                  GBM303@gmail.com

Nootropics: Better Living Through Chemistry — DEF CON 24

Here is a copy of the video for all the folks who missed my talk at the DEF CON BioHacking Village this year.

Scheduling difficulties and sudden time allowance changes conspired to cut this talk in half, but what remains, is still (somewhat) usable 😛


Please direct any questions you may have to GBM303@gmail.com. I am a big fan of this stuff and I would love to hear about the experiences of the community at-large.


Its that time of year again!! Dust off your Red Box and bone up on your Fortran!!

Defcon 24…Here we come!!

The poor bastards are giving me not one, but TWO chances to sully the brand and encourage a revamping of the vetting process…

Nootropics: Better Living Through Chemistry or Modern-Day Prometheus

GingerBread will present one mans take on the current state of nootropics and other cognition-enhancing drugs. Beginning with the neuro-enhancing drugs of the ancient Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, working our way through the developments of the 1990s and 2000s, and finishing with the chaotic internet connected and unregulated world of today.

From Gingko Biloba to Pig Brain Concentrates, from cutting-edge science in million-dollar state of the art labs, to the crowd sourcing of syntheses for never-before-tested-in-man substances to be manufactured by the lowest bidder and distributed to the public wholesale.

I will present a few case study examples of both objective successes, and undeniable failures with self-experimentation. GingerBread will try and explain (to the best of my ability) a bit of what we know about the action of these drugs, why we think we know it, as well as ongoing developments in the fight to preserve cognition in the elderly and infirmed and to push the abilities of healthy individuals past their biological limitations.

Oops! I made a machine gun: The Progressive Lowering of the Barrier to Entry in Firearms Manufacturing

Long considered only the province of skilled craftsmen, firearm manufacturing has remained a arcane and esoteric skill even into the modern day. Generally requiring specialized tools and materials, this activity has always been out of the hands of the ‘shade-tree’ experimenter except in the most crude and rudimentary examples.

Or has it?

Together we will explore various attempts to put the manufacturing of firearms within the reach of your average citizen, the associated motivations of the principle characters involved, and the legal ramifications and legal *clarifications* that have resulted from these efforts.

Through the work of early ‘survivalist’ authors like Kurt Saxon and Ronald Brown, as well as more sophisticated offerings from the likes of Bill Holmes, Gerard Metral and P.A. Luty we can see an evolving movement of practical design and extensive experimentation in the domestic manufacturing of firearms. Various designs and levels of sophistication will be discussed.

Next We will look at more modern efforts focused on legal definitions and regulatory circumvention. It is in this space that 80% Lower receivers and “flat-aks” exist.

And finally we will look at the ‘elephant in the room’: The 3d printing of firearms. Far beyond the efforts of Cody Wilson and the highly publicized “Liberator” pistol, we will also look at previous attempts at high-tech clandestine weapons manufacturing using CNC routers and laser scanning, an evolving community of weapons designers and manufactures built around these construction methods, as well as important legal clarifications that have been brought on by this type of activity.

As will be all-too-clear at the end of the night, in order to get a gun “We don’t need no stinking background check”
About Gingerbread:
Gingerbread man is an Information Security cookie from the greater Denver area. Requiring little sleep, and seemingly immune to alcohol, he is consistently seen at hacker events across the country while never seeming to actually do any work. With no verifiable credentials or formal training, there is the strong possibility he is making all of this stuff up



Secure Communications for the Practically Paranoid

Thanks to the folks at DenHac for sitting through my rambling. Sorry about the voice.

If you want to take a look at the slides they are available here:

“Secure Communications for the Practically Paranoid:Sending Dick Pics in a House Full of Hackers”


If anyone is having trouble getting one of these systems up and running feel free to contact me: GBM303@Protonmail.ch


Slides From PhutureCON

Congrats to Stevyn and the rest of the crew on PhutureCON!

Its nice to see the convergence between those who saw cyberpunk as a literary genera and those who saw it as a set of instructions. Good times.

Here are the slides from my talk…Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Nootropics: Better Living Through Chemistry or Modern-Day Prometheus (PhutureCON)